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February 25, 2016 by NikitaMonday
Hello fellow customizers, skinners, graphics gurus and appreciators alike.

Though I don't anticipate many (any? hehe) will remember me, some might. I've gone by a few names, on this forum and others, over the years. From causticFX to sbgFX, nauticalpixel, among others and now, my most current (and final, I promise) incarnation: Matchbook.

So long ago now I joined this site and experienced, right out of the gates, a feeling of community, of belonging, of solidarity - even when I per...
August 17, 2013 by NikitaMonday
Ha! I started a thread for myself.

It's not only my birthday today, in real life, but today also marks my 10 years (to the day) on this site.

Yay me, yay Brad, yay Jafo and the hundreds of thousands of people who make the site work, by whatever contribution they make: Code. Skins. Support (official and moral!), et al.

Here's, I hope, to many more.

May 2, 2013 by NikitaMonday
Had just been wondering where some of you got your name from - what inspired it and so forth. Jafo's I know and I am mostly the same.


Is there a story behind your names here, folks?