Wallpapers, wallpapers and more wallpapers..
Published on July 7, 2018 By Matchbook In Mobile Tech

I just figured I'd drop my Zedge account link here -- not to advertise the site, of course, but to share some of my work (photos and graphics) that I've been up to of late. For any of you android/ios, etc users -- it might be of some use.

Thanks for peeking and I hope something is of use to ya!

(Anyone here use Zedge, as well?)

With love,


on Jul 07, 2018

Yes, I use Zedge... for Samsung Galaxy 8+

lovely selection of interesting and diverse walls you have there.... got my eye on a few... will keep checking back...thanks for the link..

on Jul 07, 2018

I use Zedge as well. Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

I agree with Syd, nice work there. I'll be snagging a few.  Thanks!

on Jul 07, 2018

Nice work. Been using it for a long time now on my s9+

on Jul 07, 2018

I've downloaded a lot of these from your DeviantArt site for my iPhone. Nice work.  

on Jul 07, 2018

Beautiful work, Nikita!  I didn't realize anyone still used walls on their phones.  I have a trak phone, so that doesn't count as a real phone! lol!   

on Jul 07, 2018

Yeah, I use Zedge as well, for ringtones, walls and icons, etc.  Will look into your site and grab a few walls when I'm on my phone next.  You have some really nice walls there, especially the one with the gears, which'll go great with my Steampunk themes.